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Church social media managers already have a lot on their plate.  Our Social Partners program brings you free graphic images and videos in the most convenient way possible.

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This organization is providing awesome content for my Church's Facebook page and helping lead seekers to our website! I cannot say enough nice things about them! Would refer any church to them, and I have actually started to do just that.

Mark Fournier

Social Media Manager

I find these videos to be a very useful tool in sharing the Gospel through social media. CV has created professional quality videos that a novice would be unable to duplicate or create on their own. The messages are on spot for today's audience.

Charles LeFort


As a church planter I don’t have the time, resources and staff to be present to the world through the internet on my own. Thank God for CV who has partnered with us in prayer, resources, encouragement, and coaching. Their strategies and content have led us to connect with people whom we would never have encountered both locally and globally.

Jonathan Evans

Church Planter


We're Here for You

It's our hope that this free program can help your church connect with people, and give you more time to engage in meaningful gospel-centered conversations.  We are always here if you have questions, concerns, or ideas on how we can partner together to grow God's kingdom.