Your Website Is An Outreach Tool

We're here to help your church connect with people who need to hear the Gospel.  What an amazing opportunity it is to be able to use your website and a powerful Grant from Google to put your church in front of thousands of new people a month.

If you are ready to learn more and take the next steps towards becoming a CV Outreach partner church, fill out the form below, and our team will follow up with you within 48 hours.

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Quick Communication

Our team is always here to answer the phone, respond to your email, or help you with whatever issues you may be having.


Google Certified

Our Google Certified Adwords Specialists will take great care in helping you maximize the benefit from the Google Adwords Grant.


Custom Landing Page

We create a unique landing page for your church website that can dynamically load and play different videos for different keyword searches.


Custom Videos

We have invested a lot of time and energy into finding and creating the best videos possible that will connect with people about the gospel.



We constantly work to improve the Adwords Campaigns that help connect your church with people who need to hear the gospel.


We Believe in You

We are in your corner.  Along with praying for your conversations, we also celebrate every victory with you.  We are your biggest cheerleaders.

Start Here 

We believe in the power of the local church, and we believe in the Gospel.  So, it's our goal to help your church, wherever you are, reach people with the Gospel, in whatever way you can.  

Our hope is that you and your congregation are able to connect with people and engage in meaningful conversations through this program.

To start, please fill out the information in this form.  Over the next few days we'll be sending you more information by email, and we'll be contacting you by phone as well.  If you have any questions throughout this process, please don't hesitate to ask.

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I’ve been convinced for some time that our church website and social media needed to do more in terms of outreach and discipleship, but struggled with how to make it happen.  The Google Adwords campaign from CV Outreach has nearly doubled the visits to our website, resulting in about 20 gospel presentations and several email conversations each week. The people behind CV Outreach are a great group to work with, are knowledgeable and sensitive to our culture, and are providing valuable resources to churches and ministries.

Dennis Clark First Baptist Lafayette

We've had a wonderful experience to this point, we are getting people reaching out with questions after watching the video on our landing page. It's exciting to be able to follow up with them and help them get a step closer to Jesus. We are looking forward to our ongoing relationship and to expanding what we do with them moving forward. I highly recommend CV Outreach to you and your church.

Brad Wickershim Lead Pastor - Christian Assembly

I want to thank CV Outreach for the amazing partnership we share in helping reach those seeking answers to life's challenging questions. Before we entered into this partnership with CV Outreach, our website was like most churches. It was used by our congregation mostly and occasionally by others who stumbled across our site. Since partnering with CV, we have had in excess of twenty prayer requests dealing with all types of life's challenges. We have respopnded to each of them and place them on our prayer list immediately. We have organized a FIRST-RESPONDER Team just for this new ministry opportunity. In less than two weeks we have received 1,256 hits to our site because of your landing pages and helping us receive the Google AdWords grant. So...Thank you so very much!!

Dr. Mark K Mullaney Senior Pastor - Jesus First